You’d be hard-pressed to find two people more opposite than Gracie Jordan and Noah Foster.

Gracie had a benevolent spirit and the ability to find good in everyone she met. Noah was reckless and self-absorbed and held little value in other people. And as fate would have it, the unexplainable force of attraction consumed them and soon they were navigating uncharted territory.

Sometimes the unknown is an exciting and thrilling place to be. Other times, two opposing forces struggling to balance each other out will produce tempestuous storms.

Noah felt trapped and angry by the same love that once kept him from spiraling out of control. Gracie struggled more and more to see the good she once saw in Noah.

But, will she be strong enough to do what she needs to?  

Or will she find herself GOING UNDER?



ALL THAT GLITTERS...When Becki Mowry becomes the public relations manager for the band Alternate Tragedy, she's on her game. Radio interviews and TV appearances help sell out concerts for the up and coming band.


The best part, lead singer, Calon Ridge, is her boyfriend, and her success helps his success. But the rock world is an unforgiving place, and the groupies are the least of Becki's worries.


Sabotage, rumors and false accusations put Becki's faith in Calon to the test, and fear and uncertainty rock their relationship. When the rug is pulled out from under them, they face life's unexpected obstacles together because their hearts know there is no other option.

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Leftover feelings from a relationship with an abusive ex continue impacting Gracie’s future, and she turns to music to find herself again. After finally making the break from an abusive ex, Gracie Jordan wants to invest her whole heart into the unexpected relationship she found with her best friend Jake, who offers hope, comfort, and solace.


She expects the summer before their senior year at UT Knoxville to be as perfect as Jake is. What she doesn’t expect is the PTSD, the buried memories, or that truly healing will mean walking away from the man who saved her. Jake deserves the best she can give, not the splintered leftovers from the hell her ex dragged her through.


As Gracie begins to explore a new form of soul-searching, her song writing, she learns how to put words to her pain, and she and Jake begin to see the light, and their future. When her past resurfaces, Gracie must decide to whether to give into the abyss or to reclaim herself forever.



Bookish Kate Green knew she needed to brush up on her social skills before her first year of college, so she created an online persona to chat and flirt. And who better to practice on than talented and tormented rock frontman Oliver Walt? 

But when Oliver wants to meet in person,  Kate knows she has to come clean. However things are never that easy, so instead she enlists the aid of her beautiful and calculating study partner. Now, with Gretchen refusing to stop being Lexi, the lies grow bigger by the hour—and so do the stakes. Kate’s heart and Oliver’s life.