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August 26, 2018


 So, to say I'm a bit random, is an understatement. I'm a simple girl yet super complex, but aren't we all? Example #1: I'm a hippie at heart who hates being outside. I know, I know, hippies are supposed to like camping and playing in the mud naked, right? (That was a Woodstock reference in case you didn't get it.) Not me. Even on nice days. I love being INside. I'm not sure why because I was raised outside, walking country roads picking fresh mint from among the wildflowers to take home so my mom could make sun tea. I caught toads and salamanders, bugs and anything that had been hurt or maimed in anyway. I built forts in the woods and played by the pool all day.



Honestly, if I tell you everything that is a contradiction in my personality you might think I'm unstable. But I'm not. Promise. And actually, even if I was, it would just make me more fun, right?


All I ever wanted to be was a wife and mom. My dad tried to talk me out of going to college but all my friends were doing it so, I followed suit. I even chose a school where I knew none of my high school friends were going so I could have something that didn't feel like 13th grade. I was a country girl in inner city Philadelphia. Well, watching the news and the crime rates of the big city for two semesters almost drove my parents insane. So, one Friday when they picked me up to bring me home for the weekend, an application for Penn State was placed in my lap... already filled out. We drove straight to my transfer student interview and a month later I said goodbye to the big city and became a Nittany Lion.


I graduated with an Art Education degree and a fiance. I taught middle school and high school art for a little over three years and then went on maternity leave. My life long dream was coming to fruition. And while on maternity I got pregnant with our second child. My husband and I have never had trouble in the... well, you know where I was going with that.


Since then I've taught art for homeschool groups, owned my own art co-op store, wrote curriculum, taught private art lessons, created multiple summer art camps for kids, did the craft show circuit, had my own bath and body business, was on the Children's Ministry team at church, wrote a couple business proposals including one for a pre-school, one for a paint-your-own pottery studio and one for a coffee shop. I acquired hundreds of volunteer hours at our local elementary school while our kids were there, sold art and kids' clothes on ebay, developed and ran a non-profit for pediatric cancer patients and their families, taught after-school art club, dove into a couple direct sales businesses just to get out of the house a couple nights a week, scrapbooked my heart out, dreamed about being an accomplished artist who travels to exciting new places every week for arts festivals, published four novels, illustrated a handful of children's books, started a gluten-free vegan muffin business and became an advisor for my sorority at Penn State all while raising three amazing kiddos and keeping my husband entertained with my distracted brain. 


 So, if you're still here and didn't give up reading half way through that list, WELCOME TO MY WORLD! This blog will literally be all over the frickin' place with deets on my novels, my latest haul from Aldi and how much money I saved, motherhood rants, creative ideas, posts about health and fitness, my favorite recipes, insight into someone who struggles with more than a handful of quirks, insightful and inspirational anecdotes and probably even descriptions of the whacked out dreams I have on a regular basis.


I love that you're here! 











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