August 27, 2018



Today I feel frazzled.
I literally feel like that squirrel that hops out in front of your car but can’t decide which way to go when he sees you barreling toward her.

My youngest gave me a run for my money this morning about going to camp, and I lost. SQUIRREL!

I climbed back into bed just because I could, and got some coach work done.

I made breakfast.

Then I got distracted by the first squirrel of the day. I’ve been trying to grow my social media following by focusing more on my brand, on the value I offer my followers. That in itself is an overwhelming task.

Squirrel two ran in with her workout clothes on so, I worked out and showered then really wanted a nap (I don’t ever take naps so yes, I’m being dramatic)

The third squirrel whispered “meal prep” so I got started sautéing some chicken for this week’s salads. While cooking I did a little more work and checked in with my challengers.

I got hungry. And luckily my sweet hubby brought me my fave salad from my fave restaurant. So the squirrels and I ate.

There is so much in my head as a new coach. So much to organize, develop, plan and execute. It’s so exciting that I find myself trying to do it all at once. The squirrels get all sugared up and start waving a different to do list in my face.

There is a method. There are simple tricks of the trade to get it all accomplished. That’s what our POWER HOUR is for. So, this is completely doable. I just have to convince my brain to slow down.

So, instead of getting discouraged and overwhelmed, I choose to be thoroughly excited because of all that is sitting within my reach. Things that have the potential that change our lives. Things that started just from making the decision to change mine with a little workout program called #80dayobsession and now I sit on my couch, Mac in my lap and call it work.

I love the life I’m building. I fantasize about the legacy I’m building for our children. Sometimes overwhelming is good. Sometimes things that are bigger than we can imagine are EXACTLY what we prayed for.

One step at a time.

The future is bright.

Oh, and don’t ya love my cute shirt? Thanks @threebirdnest - it’s my fave!


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August 27, 2018

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